Publications & Preprints

Here you will find a chronological list of my scientific publications and preprints (not yet peer reviewed), please click on the DOI to access the full article. I try my best to publish open access if possible, if a paper is unaccessible to you please contact me. For the most up to date list, please visit my ORCID profile.

  • Coleman, G., Salter, W.T. & Walsh, M. (2022). OpenWeedLocator (OWL): An open-source, low-cost device for fallow weed detection. Scientific Reports, 12,170. OPEN ACCESS 

  • PREPRINT Coleman, D., Merchant, A. & Salter, W.T. (2021). Vulnerability to cavitation is linked to home climate precipitation across eight eucalypt species. bioRxiv.

  • Salter, W.T., Shrestha, A. & Barbour, M.M. (2021). Open source 3D phenotyping of chickpea plant architecture across plant development. Plant Methods, 17, 95. OPEN ACCESS 

  • Salter, W.T., Li, S., Dracatos, P.M. & Barbour, M.M. (2020). Identification of quantitative trait loci for dynamic and steady-state photosynthetic traits in a barley mapping population. AoBP. OPEN ACCESS 

  • Salter, W.T.,  Merchant, A., Trethowan, R.M., Richards, R.A. & Buckley, T.N. (2020). Wide variation in the suboptimal distribution of photosynthetic capacity in relation to light across genotypes of wheat. AoBP. OPEN ACCESS 

  • Li, Y. , Song, X. , Li, S. , Salter, W. T. & Barbour, M. M. (2019). The role of leaf water potential in the temperature response of mesophyll conductance. New Phytologist, 225, 1193-1205. FREE ACCESS 

  • Salter, W.T., Merchant, A., Gilbert, M.E. & Buckley, T.N. (2019). PARbars: cheap, easy to build ceptometers for continuous measurement of light interception in plant canopies. Journal of Visualized Experiments, 147, 1-9. OPEN ACCESS 

  • Salter, W.T., Merchant, A., Richards, R., Trethowan, R. & Buckley, T.N. (2019). Rate of photosynthetic induction in fluctuating light varies widely among genotypes of wheat. Journal of Experimental Biology, 70(10), 2787-2796. OPEN ACCESS 

  • Salter W.T., Gilbert M.E. & Buckley T.N. (2018) Time-Dependent Bias in Instantaneous Ceptometry Caused by Row Orientation. The Plant Phenome Journal, 1. OPEN ACCESS 

  • Salter W.T., Gilbert M.E. & Buckley T.N. (2018) A multiplexed gas exchange system for increased throughput of photosynthetic capacity measurements. Plant Methods, 14, 80. OPEN ACCESS

  • Salter W.T., Turnbull T.L., Okazaki Y., Saito K., Kreuzwieser J., Rennenberg H. & Adams M.A. (2018) Plant and soil P determine functional attributes of subalpine Australian plants. Arctic Antarctic and Alpine Research, 50, 12. OPEN ACCESS 

  • Adams M.A., Buckley T.N., Salter W.T., Buchmann N., Blessing C.H. & Turnbull T.L. (2018) Contrasting responses of crop legumes and cereals to nitrogen availability. New Phytologist, 217, 1475-1483. FREE ACCESS 

  • Salter W.T., Turnbull T.L., Rennenberg H. & Adams M.A. (2017) Solar UV upregulates photoprotection but slows photosynthesis in subalpine Australian plants. Arctic Antarctic and Alpine Research, 49, 673-685. OPEN ACCESS

  • Fenton B., Salter W.T., Malloch G., Begg G. & Anderson E. (2015) Stopped in its tracks: how λ-cyhalothrin can break the aphid transmission of a potato potyvirus. Pest Management Science, 71, 1611-1616.