About Me

As a plant physiologist my main research interests are to understand how plants overcome challenging environmental conditions and to identify traits that could prove useful to future food security and ecosystem resilience. Recently, my research has shifted focus towards weeds. Specifically, I am interested in developing new weed control technologies that reduce herbicide use.

I am a postdoctoral research fellow in the School of Life and Environmental Sciences and the Sydney Institute of Agriculture at the University of Sydney. My current research focusses on developing new ways to smartly detect weeds in agricultural, horticultural and forestry systems and investigating novel non-chemical methods of controlling them. A major component of my work in recent years has been the development of new low cost tools for use in research and agriculture, including for measurement of plant light use, canopy architecture traits and leaf gas exchange and for the detection of weeds. To read more about my research please click here.

I feel that effective scientific communication is extremely important. I have an active presence on Twitter (follow me @williamtsalter). I am the Social Media Editor for the open access, non-profit plant science journal AoBP.

In my spare time you’ll likely find me walking the dog, cycling my bike or enjoying a craft beer.