About Me

As a plant ecophysiologist my main research interests are understanding how plants overcome challenging environmental conditions and identifying traits that could prove useful to future food security and ecosystem resilience.

I am a postdoctoral research fellow in the School of Life and Environmental Sciences and the Sydney Institute of Agriculture at the University of Sydney. My current research focusses on understanding and improving the photosynthesis of chickpea. A major part of my work is the development of new tools to measure plant traits. To find out about this and the other projects I have been involved in please click here.

I feel that effective scientific communication is extremely important and have an active presence on Twitter (follow me @williamtsalter). I am the Social Media Editor for the journal AoBP and I am a member of the Website & Communication Sub-Committee of the Australian Society of Plant Scientists.

In my spare time you’ll likely find me taking photos, walking the dog or enjoying a craft beer.